What’s involved in the design process?

A range of options will be considered, developed and refined until we arrive at a definitive concept. We will identify the most suitable solutions to fulfil your desired vision. You will receive at least two rounds of design options and further iterations if required.

What is Howard Pease Architects design philosophy?
We have a proven track record of delivering beautiful, bespoke new builds, stunning home renovations, as well as restoring heritage buildings, mostly in Harpenden, St Albans and the surrounding villages. We often work with Listed buildings in Conservation and Green Belt areas and are probably best known for our luxury, contemporary family homes.

Our ethos is to create a house that functions perfectly, abundant in natural light with a bespoke footprint that caters specifically to your family’s needs. Each room flows and functions effortlessly from one space to another. Carefully considered open plan areas that become the heart of the family’s home, as well as striking circulation spaces, are key components that feature in all of our designs.

Our obsession with space, light and flow is evident in every home we design.

I've had problems getting planning permission can you help?
There are times when clients come to us having already had problems achieving planning permission for their house with previous architects. Sometimes a fresh architectural approach to the design problems can unlock those stumbling blocks that have stopped planning from being achieved.

This was the case with a new build house in Harpenden on a prominent corner site where our clients were looking to achieve a contemporary luxurious family home over three floors with a large basement. St Albans Planning department had previously refused the client's first application that we had not been involved with.

An alternative architectural approach was taken and with a careful, sensitive redesign of the new house and an imaginative approach to the internal layout, we were able to achieve a planning approval at the first re submission for a large, luxury, five-bedroom contemporary modern home.

Can you help me establish whether the house I am considering is viable?
We can offer our clients advice at the very early stages of their house purchase prior to them even confirming an offer on a property.

It is often essential to get professional advice as to the possibilities a site may offer in terms of possible planning permissions and financial considerations. This is termed the feasibility stage and may give you the confidence to either continue with a house purchase, or conversely to pull out if the site cannot offer what you are looking for.

How much do I need to invest in your services?
You should budget a minimum of £10,000 + VAT for this essential part of the build process. A fully considered design is crucial to unlocking your home's full potential. Getting the right design from the start ensures your home can meet the exact needs of your family and positively enhance the way you live your life.

Is it more economical to extend my house or knock it down?

There always comes a financial 'tipping point' where the saving of the 20% VAT becomes possible with a new built house project.

This was the case with a particular client who had initially anticipated a large extension to their existing bungalow. The building work involved creating new attic accommodation for three bedrooms as well as extending the existing house downstairs with an open plan living area to the rear. Once planning permission had been achieved and the tendering to builders carried out, it became apparent that it was more economically viable to knock down the existing house and start again with a new build project.  This revised approached resulted in a more affordable scheme that still fully met the client's expectations.

Do I need to involve any other professionals in my project?
Almost certainly yes. We will advise you on the required steps and recommend professionals you will need, such as Structural Engineers, Party Wall Surveyors and Environmental Consultants at the right time in the process to ensure a compliant scheme is delivered.

What support can you give on site?
The flow of information from client to builder is a process that must be managed carefully and we are on hand to ensure this key stage of the project will run smoothly. We are able to offer exactly the level of support you require. 

Our full site support services include regular meetings and site inspections, signing off valuations and issuing instructions, all of which ensure questions are answered quickly and any issues are resolved efficiently. We also offer assistance with kitchen and bathroom designs as well external work design services such as patio and driveway landscaping.
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